Water Soluble Bag

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Water Soluble Bag

Water Soluble Bags is made by cold water soluble film. It can dissolve fast in a few seconds.

This kind of bags can be used to pack powder/solid/pellets, including fishing food, seeds,fertilizer, pesticide in agricultrure, disinfectants powder/pellets, laundry powder, glassfiber, etc.

With such kind of bags, people can easily control the quantity evenly in each bags.

And there is no pollutioin and not toxic for human being and animals.

Size: as customization

Color: natural

Printing: 1 color 1 side priting is available

Thickness: 35um

Bearing: 5~10kgs

Dissolving Temperature: 20C around

Product Usage:

Packing powder/pellets/solid. Most popular for agricultrue using, fishing, powder packing, etc.

Product Advantages:

Ecofriendly, water-dissolving, biodegradable, printable