Water Soluble Bag

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Water Soluble Laundry Bag

Water soluble laundry bag is mainly for infection control purpose.

The most popular specifications are as below:

Size: 660mm*840mm



Thickness: 20um,25um,30um

Color: natural, red, yellow, green

Dissolving Temperature: 25C, 45C and 65C degree

Other sizes, thickness and colors can be customized.

Product Usage:

It is mainly used to collect the contaminated medical instruments, articles, patient bed sheets, linens, and treatment appliances hospitals and nursing homes. After sealing up the disposal bags, the contents of the bag do not expose to the oustside environment during the whole process of conveying, washing, disinfection, and drying. The water-soluble bag can dissolve completely during washing and disinfection process without any polluting residual.

Product Advantages:

---- Avoid direct contact between the contaminated content inside the bag and the operator until the washing and drying cycle is completed, minimizing cross-infection and germs spread;

---- Avoid contaminated medical waste to be generated as the disposal bags completely dissolve in water, eliminating the traditional treatment by incineration or burying and reducing the treatment cost;

---- Greatly improve the hygiene of working environment, reduce working intension and enhance the labor protection.