Water Soluble Bag

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Water Soluble Cloth Packing Bag

Water Soluble Garment Bag is made by PVA material.

The bag can dissolve in hot water. The water after dissolving is safe for human being or animals. Except this, it is biodegradable which can be degraded to water and carbon dioxide under organic environment.

Garment factories can use such water soluble garment bags to pack garments and other fabrics instead of common plastic bags to reduce white pollution.

Size: as customization

Color: white, yellow, blue, etc.

Printing: 1 color or 2 colors 1 side priting is available

Thickness: 25um~35um

Bearing: 5~10kgs

Dissolving Temperature: 70C

Product Usage:

Packing clothing, fabric, garments, etc.

Product Advantages:

Ecofriendly, water-dissolving, biodegradable, printable