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Water Soluble Dog Poop Bag

Water Flushable Pet Poop Bag is made by PVA material. It enable the bags to be water soluble in hot water. Then when you collect pet poop outside, the bag won’t be broken. And after you put the bag into toilet, the bag will be flushed to strips. So that to promise the toilet won’t be stuck. Then staying in organic environment, the strips will be biodegraded to water and carbon dioxide. There will be no white pollution.

Thickness: 20um~27.5um

Width: As required.

Length : As required.

Packing: in roll or folding

Printing: accept

Product Usage:

For collecting pet poops and help protect environment.

Product Advantages:

Ecofriendly,Flushable, Portable, Convenient, Biodegradable.