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Water Soluble Seed Tape

Different from traditional Paper Seeds Tape, our WATER DISSOLVING SEEDS TAPE is made by PVA cold water soluble film. After seeds are knitted on the film roll, planting this seeds tape into soil, after watering, the film will dissolve and the seeds will be left. It makes seeds planting easier and more convenient. And there is no residue or toxtic to earth.

Thickness: 20/25/30um

Width: As required. 20mm most popular.

Length of Roll: As required. 500m, 1000m and 2000m are most popular

Product Usage:

Water soluble seed tape is a gardening product designed to simplify the process of sowing seeds. It consists of seeds embedded in a water-soluble material, often in the form of a tape or strip. The tape is pre-spaced, meaning that the seeds are evenly distributed along the tape at appropriate intervals for optimal planting.

Used in Farm Gardening/Golf Courses /Labeling in many surfaces.

Product Advantages:

    Convenient Planting

        The tape is laid out in the desired location, and since the material is water-soluble, it can be easily moistened or buried in the soil. This eliminates the need for manual spacing of individual seeds, making the planting process more convenient.

    Water Solubility

        Once the seed tape is in place, watering or rain causes the water-soluble material to dissolve. As the material dissolves, the seeds are released and come into contact with the soil.


        The seeds then germinate and grow, utilizing the nutrients present in the soil. The water-soluble material serves as a protective and biodegradable casing for the seeds during the initial stages.

    Reduced Wastage

        The pre-spacing of seeds on the tape helps to reduce the risk of overcrowding, ensuring that each seed has adequate space to grow. This can result in more successful germination and healthier plants.