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Water Soluble Fish Bait Bag

Water Soluble Fish Bait Bag could potentially refer to a fishing bait container or bag designed to dissolve or disintegrate in water. This feature can be useful for various fishing applications, particularly in situations where you want to disperse bait slowly over time, attracting fish to the area. It also can prevent interference by smaller fish in shallow-water areas, ultimately enticing larger fish during deep-water fishing expeditions.

Product Usage:

Water Soluble Bait Bag refer to a bait container or bag designed to dissolve or break down in water. This feature is useful in a variety of fishing applications, especially if you want to slowly disperse the bait over time to attract fish to the area.

The concept behind this type of bag is that it will dissolve when submerged in water, releasing the bait into the surrounding environment. This slow release method is advantageous in certain angling situations, such as carp fishing, where a steady release of bait over a long period of time may attract fish.

Product Advantages:

---- Different soluble time with different thickness;

---- Fully dissolves in water with no residue, no toxic, no pollution, thus environmentally friendly;

---- Best ideal for carp fishing, Sink quickly down to the bottom.