Water Soluble PVA Film

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Water Soluble Film Packing Film

Water Soluble Packing Film is one kind of ecofriendly and biodegradable packing material. It can be widely used in agricultrue, daily chemical and daily life. When put the film in the water, it will dissolve fast in a few seconds, and with no pullutioin and toxitic left.

Thickness: 25um~50um. 35um is most popular

Width: as required.

Length of Roll: 200m~1000m

Color: natural, or as required.

Dissolving Temperature: 20C~70C

Printing: accept

Product Usage:

1. Agricultrue. People can use PVA film to pack fertilizer/pesticide/seeds.

2. Daily Chemicals. PVA film can be used to pack laundry powder/ toilet cleaner pellets/laundry pods.

3. Daily Package. PVA film can be used to make T-shirt bags, Die Cut bags, garments bags.

4. Hospitals/Hotels. PVA film can be made to laundry bags for hospitals and hotels to do disinfection.

Product Advantages:

Ecofriendly, fast water-dissolving, biodegradable, various thickness and width.