Water Soluble PVA Film

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Water Soluble Laundry Pod Film

Water Soluble Laundry Pods Packing Film is one kind of ecofriendly and biodegradable packing material. With such packing film, you can pack water soluble laundry pods with different designs, colors, scents. After put into washing machine, the outer packing film will dissolve in the water, and the laundry liquid will get out and clean clothing well.

Thickness: 76um~80um

Width: as required.

Length of Roll: 200m~1000m

Color: natural

Dissolving Temperature: 20C



Product Usage:

The water-soluble film used in laundry detergent pods is a special type of material designed to dissolve quickly in water, releasing the detergent contained within the pod. This film is typically made from a water-soluble polymer, which means it can break down and disintegrate when it comes into contact with water.

The purpose of the water-soluble film in laundry detergent pods is to provide a convenient and pre-measured dose of detergent while eliminating the need for measuring cups or pouring liquid detergent. The film dissolves during the washing cycle, allowing the detergent to mix with water and effectively clean the laundry.

Product Advantages:

Ecofriendly, fast water-dissolving, stable quality, excellent performance, biodegradable, various thickness and width.