Water Soluble PVA Film

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Water Soluble Embroidery Film

Water Soluble Embroidery Film is one kind of backing paper. People can do embroidery on this water soluble film, after that, put the film with embroidery into the cold water, the film will dissolve in a few seconds and the embroidery fabric will be left.

Thickness: 25um~90um. 25um, 30um, and 35um are most popular.

Width: 30cm~160cm. 100cm is most popular.

Length of Roll: 200m~1000m

Color: natural

Dissolving Temperature: 20C around



Product Usage:

    Stabilizing the Fabric

        Before starting an embroidery project, the water-soluble film is hooped along with the fabric. The film adds stability to the fabric and             prevents it from puckering or stretching during the stitching process.


        The embroidery machine stitches the design onto the fabric, with the water-soluble film providing support for the stitches.


        Once the embroidery is complete, the fabric with the attached water-soluble film can be submerged in water. The film dissolves, leaving only the embroidered design on the fabric. This is particularly useful for projects where the stabilizer needs to be removed completely, such as lace or freestanding embroidery.

Product Advantages:

Ecofriendly, fast water-dissolving, biodegradable, various thickness and width