Water Soluble Yarn

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Water Soluble Yarn

20degree with 20S-40S,both single and double yarn;

40degree with 20S-80S,both single and double yarn;

60degree with 20S-80S,both single and double yarn;

80degree with 20S-80S,both single and double yarn;

90degree with 20S-80S,both single and double yarn;

Water-Soluble PVA yarn Usage :

1. Use as raw material of non woven fabric.producing water soluble non woven fabric as basic fabric for embroidery .

2. Use for make water soluble fancy yarn , and twisting with other yarn ,the water-soluble fiber can be removed in the dyeing and finishing process to obtain deep-processed fabrics such as warp and weft hollows, jacquard hollows, thin, soft, bulky, etc.

3. Water-soluble yarn blended with low-strength fibers such as cashmere can improve the spinning performance of cashmere.

Water-Soluble PVA yarn Advantage :

It has good water solubility, mechanical properties, hygroscopicity and weather resistance, and can be naturally biodegraded in a short time, making It is recognized by the industry as a valuable functional differentiated fiber. If water-soluble yarn is used in the production and processing of textiles, it can not only improve the original performance of the yarn and fabric, but also greatly eliminate the manual stitching process, saving production costs up to 70%.



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