Travel to Xu Chang

In March, we visited Xuchang, Henan Province. Xuchang, as a renowned historical and cultural city in the Central Plains, provided our team with rich experiences. From taking a boat tour of the ancient city at Chunqiu Wharf, feeling the history, to appreciating the heroism of Guan Yu at Chunqiu Tower, and then learning about the culture of the Cao Wei dynasty at the Prime Minister's Mansion, each stop was like a glimpse into history, inspiring and enlightening our team.

The amusement park in West Lake Park brought us moments of carefree joy, allowing everyone to unwind and relax amidst our busy work schedule. The intimate encounters with animals further enhanced emotional connections among team members, bringing us closer together.

Finally, we visited Pangdonglai Mart, experiencing the culture of "love&freedom" within the company, leaving a profound impression on everyone. This kind of cultural immersion subtly influences everyone, encouraging greater enthusiasm and creativity in their work, as well as fostering teamwork.

This team-building trip was not only a joyful journey but also a chance to feel and experience the cohesion of the team and the company culture. I hope this experience will bring everyone more growth and success in the future!