Henan Neoglobal I&E Corp Welcomes Hanif Zaker's Visit to Zhengzhou

Henan Neoglobal I&E CorpWelcomes Hanif Zaker's Visit to Zhengzhou

        Welcomes Hanif Zaker's Visit to Zhengzhou.From April 26th to April 28th, 2024, Mr. Hanif Zakir from Pakistan visited Zhengzhou, Henan Province. We had lunch together, and Mr. Hanif Zakir praised the delicious Henan cuisine. In the afternoon, we held a productive business meeting at the office, discussing our current cooperation and future directions in detail. Mr. Hanif Zakir expressed his anticipation for better cooperation in our water-soluble nonwoven fabric business, and our General Manager, Ms. Fan, assured her full support for Mr. Hanif Zakir's endeavors, aiming for mutual success through collaborative efforts.

        On April 27th, representatives from Neoglobal accompanied Mr. Hanif Zakir to visit the Famous attractions, Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden in Kaifeng.The Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden, inspired by the Song Dynasty masterpiece "Along the River During the Qingming Festival," faithfully reproduces the ancient capital's bustling scenes. It exudes the essence of the Song era. There are historical battlefield reenactments, folk acrobatics, ancient music performances, traditional craft exhibitions, and dances, They enjoyed various splendid performances and captured memorable moments with wonderful photos,

        Once again, we extend our warm welcome to Mr. Hanif Zakir and look forward to more opportunities for better cooperation, striving together to achieve greater success.

欢迎Hanif Zakir来访郑州


        2024年4月26日-2024年4月28日,来自巴基斯坦的Hanif Zakir先生到访河南省郑州市,26日中午我们和Hanif Zakir先生一起共进午餐,Hanif Zakir先生对河南美食夸赞不绝。当日下午在办公室进行了商务会谈,就当前的合作情况和未来的合作方向做了愉快且详细的讨论。 Hanif Zakir先生对我们水溶无纺布业务更好的合作表示期待,总经理Ms.Fan也表示会大力支持Hanif Zakir先生的业务,共同努力,合作共赢。

        4月27日,Neoglobal 公司派出代表陪同Hanif Zakir先生一起游览了开封著名景区清明上河园,看了很多精彩的表演,并留下精彩合照。


        最后再次欢迎Hanif Zakir先生的到访,我们期待双方有更好的合作机会,共同创造更好的成绩。