PLA Biodegradable Material

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PLA Biodegradable Food Grade Packaging Film

PLA material food grade packaging film is a kind of completely degraded and eco-friendly plastic bag. The biodegradable food grade packaging film uses a biological base as the base material. The raw materials are made from starch or corn flour, which are renewable resources that can be completely decomposed. And it does not produce any toxic residues during the degradation process.


Packaging fruits and vegetables

Product Advantages:

1. Environmental protection: The use of PLA fully degradable food grade packaging film can greatly reduce the white pollution caused by the non-decomposition of ordinary plastic food grade packaging film.

2. Excellent performance: The starch is the main raw material of the PLA fully degradable food grade packaging film, and its degradation ability is better than other materials.

3. Exquisite and versatile: PLA Fully degradable food grade packaging film have the same functions as ordinary plastics except for their different ingredients and materials. They can be beautifully printed, of moderate size, and can be packed with many products.

4. Recycling: PLA degradable food grade packaging film are soft, wearable, foldable and of good texture, with a long recycling period.